The aim of the company is to offer its clients comprehensive solutions for implementing various glazing solutions.



Full glass solutions

A neat frameless glass wall is widely used in creating modern design as well as when trying to retain antique outlook. Glass helps to evoke the feeling of more space and lets light fill the room.

We offer various full glass wall solutions characterized by profiles of minimalist line or, if you wish, profiles completely hidden behind the walls. Such a system allows to use hinged glass doors which are either frameless or supported by a doorframe (more soundproof) as well as sliding doors. This solution requires thicker glass (8-12mm) than ordinary. For the finishing of visible profiles, you can choose between natural (light silver) anodized coating, powder coating (RAL Colour Chart) and stainless imitation.

The standard sizes of element profiles are 30x35mm (clamp) or 25x15mm (U-profile).

The largest recommendable size of glass panel is 1200x3300mm.

SWG 600 EASYmatic®

Folding walls

Folding wall parameters:

  • Panel thickness: 65mm (Rw 31-46dB) ja 87mm (Rw 48-50dB)
  • Maximum width of the panels: 850mm (Rw 31-46dB) ja 800mm (Rw 48-50dB)
  • Max height of panels: 3800mm (Rw 31-46dB) ja 3100mm (Rw 48dB)
  • Soundproofing: 31-50dB
  • Fire resistance: EI30 (Rw 40dB) ja EI60 (Rw 42dB)

Parking solutions:


Glass barriers

Technological development has brought about a change in the preferences of designers and clients as far as barriers and railings are concerned. Instead of classical steel or wooden barriers you can more and more often see a fully glazed variant looking neat and airy.

Glass balustrades and railings are a stylish solution for enclosing terraces and balconies, dividing space on premises and for erecting barriers. Glass barrier is extremely weatherproof and durable to load and pressure (incl. mechanical shocks).

Glass barriers are made of tempered and plastic film laminated glass panels (12-20 mm of thickness in accordance with load requirements). Glass panels are fastened to a fixed rigid structure by stainless fasteners or aluminium profiles. Both solutions meet the prescribed load tolerance requirements and have been correspondingly tested. Wooden or stainless steel handrails can be fixed on or to the barrier. Shelters or floors can also be built of glass, or the entire exterior facade of a building can be covered with glass.

The standard size of fastening profile is 60×110, and that of stainless point fixings – 45mm or 60mm. Special facade solutions are used for facades.


Wooden walls

Nowadays, modular partition walls have become one of the most widely spread design elements. Their advantage lies in work-intensive preparation done in the stage of manufacturing whereas on-site installation involves only placing and assembly of elements.

We offer modular walls made of either MDF or laminated timber profiles. As to finishing, modular walls can be coated with a layer of the most widely spread tones of colour (based on RAL or NCS Colour Charts), veneers, lacquers or stains. It is also possible to add a filling such as glass, coloured boards, textile panels, etc. Hinged or sliding doors can be installed in the walls.

The standard size of modular profile is 30x92mm.

The largest recommendable size of modular is 1000x2800mm (MDF), or 1600x2800mm (laminated timber).


Aluminium walls

Using of aluminium in dividing office areas is also widespread. Partition walls assembled of aluminium profiles are moisture-resistant and more rigid than wooden elements, which makes them perfectly suitable for production and storage buildings.

We offer partition walls made of durable and high quality Aluprof MB-45 system. Hinged doors of the same type can easily be integrated into these partition walls. The system is well-designed and even in case of high walls there is no fear of considerable deflection. The system is also suitable for doors meant for frequently used passageways. For the finishing of modulars, you can choose between natural (light silver) anodized coating and powder coating (RAL Colour Chart). Glass, glazed units or painted boards can be added as filling.

Profile of element shall measure 50x45mm.

The largest recommendable size of modular is 1200x3300mm.


Pärnu State House lobby

Veneered glass partitions and doors with glass

Delta Plaza

Glass partitions and doors

Tartu Pharmaceutical Board

Glass partitions

Pärnu State House

Glass partitions

Viru Center

Full glass partition walls

Maakri 19

Full glass partition walls


Full glass walls

Private house in Elva

Sauna walls

Uus-Tehase production building

Folding walls

Kõrveküla Basic School

Tartu municipality

Full glass partition walls (170 m²)

Unemployment Insurance Fund Career Center

Fahle house

Full glass barriers

Emajõe office building

Paju 2,Tartu

Veneered MDF and full glass partitions (640 m²)

Stora Enzo, Fahle house

Full glass partition walls (160 m²)

Maxima office

Full glass partition walls (500 m²)

Finnkino ITIS, Helsinki

Glass display cases (60 m²)

Telliskivi 60 Offices

Full glass partition walls (320 m²)

Mickey Kindergarten, Keila

MDF Sliding doors


Muuga Kindergarten

MDF glass partition wall (37 m²)

Estanc office building

Full glass partition walls and stair rails (170 m²)

European School

MDF glass partition walls (200 m²)


Full glass partition walls (420 m²)

Flower Market, Viru St.

Glass barrier (74 m²)


MDF glass partition walls (70 m²)

Tapa Health Centre

Full glass partition walls (40 m²)




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